February 17, 2021 0

SSUN is Pop and R&B’s newest up-and-coming star and has debuted with her EP, “Eclipse.” The EP consists of three tracks: “Dear Lover,” “Motive,” and “Let Go.”

“This project was specifically made so anyone can apply their own feelings to the music. Whether you’re on the road or at a party and you’re feeling motivated and carefree or you’re alone and hiding yourself from the world to have a good cry, I wanted to give everyone something for themselves.”

A Toronto resident with Chinese roots, SSUN is making music that is fresh and yet somewhat familiar. Using her years of classical training in both theory and composition, SSUN’s vocals and melodies are wide ranging. She can seamlessly shift from soulful songs such as “Dear Lover and “Let Go” where her vocals effortlessly glide over stripped- down keys to more upbeat quintessential pop songs such as “Motive.”

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