“The Last 2 Minutes” sees Method Man team up with Iron Mic

November 8, 2021 0

Method-Man "The Last 2 Minutes" sees Method Man team up with Iron Mic

In a recent interview, Method Man revealed that he is working on Meth Lab 3: The Rehab, the sequel to 2015’s The Meth Lab and 2018’s Meth Lab 2: The Lithium. The first two episodes of the series contained the hard-hitting tracks “Two More Minutes,” and “2 Minutes Of Your

Time” A year before Halloween, the Long Island to Staten Island elder decided to give attention to “The Last 2 Minutes,” which Genius On The Beat and Chris Wellz produced alongside Iron Mic. Meth continues to showcase his sharpened skills as an experienced emcee throughout this short track:

A lively “Verzuz” battle between Method Man and his long-time collaborator Redman took place in April. As the two stars celebrated Stoners’ Day by breaking out a number of their biggest and most memorable hits, peers such as EPMD, RZA, Keith Murray, and DJ Kool appeared throughout the album. In addition to this “Verzuz”, Red and Meth announced that they were working on Blackout 3, which hopefully is still under way.

Harlem native TJ Atoms currently plays Meth in Hulu’s innovative original series, “Wu-Tang: An American Saga,” in addition to Shameik Moore, Erika Alexander, Ashton Sanders, and a sensational TJ Atoms portraying the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard. GQ interviewed Meth about why he chose East to do the honor in the past.


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