Zaytoven Teams With EMPIRE to Showcase San Francisco Rap in Upcoming Fo15 Mixtape

April 9, 2021 0
unnamed-12 Zaytoven Teams With EMPIRE to Showcase San Francisco Rap in Upcoming Fo15 Mixtape

The city of San Francisco has played a crucial in the region’s rap scene since the days of Rappin’ 4-Tay and RBL Posse. Paying tribute to The City’s rap heritage with the current bumper crop of San Francisco street rappers, SF native and trap music legend Zaytoven teams with EMPIREto announce Zaytoven Presents: Fo15, an upcoming project. Conceptualized and A&R’d by EMPIRE CEO Ghazi with A&R assistance from Chuck Kelley aka Frisco Chuckand named after San Francisco’s 415 area code, the upcoming project features appearances from many of the hottest names from the SF street scene delivering their best bars over Zaytoven’s production.

Though the music bears Zaytoven’s signatures–rippling pianos, sumptuous organs, and dynamic percussion, the multi-platinum-selling producer draws from instincts he developed in the churches of the Fillmore District before he decamped to ATL, adapting his style to the kinetic, bass-heavy style of modern San Francisco rap. Featuring appearances from buzzing SF natives like ZayBang, Lil PeteLil BeanKxNG LlamaPreziLil Yee, and more, the 10-track Zaytoven Presents: Fo15 arrives on 415 Day, also known as April 15th, via EMPIRE.

Explains Ghazi, “The purpose of this project is to celebrate all the different pools of talent San Francisco has. From the artists to the publicist, photographer, graphic designer, mixer, producer, we’re all from The City. I want young creatives and professionals to see this project and say, ‘If that person can do it, so can I.’ It’s important to me to continue to build an infrastructure here that allows the next generation to stay and flourish in the music industry and not be told anymore they have to move to LA or NY to make it.”

Today, Zaytoven and EMPIRE share “All My Guys,” the first video single from Fo15, with contributions from San Francisco rappers ZayBang and Lil Yee. A fast-moving, minor-key slapper with chiming bell synths that counteract the thudding 808s–sampling Zay’s own beat for Gucci Mane’s “Big Cat LaFlare“–”All My Guys” benefits from the interplay between ZayBang (from Geneva Towers) and Lil Yee (like Zaytoven, he’s from Fillmore), as they assert their loyalty to their day ones. Directed by Kiko, the video gives a complete view of the city of San Francisco, displaying iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge before heading to parts of the city that the tourists don’t see.

A paean to a flourishing rap scene and to the city’s indomitable spirit, Fo15 gifts the rap fans of San Francisco with a purely homegrown set of slaps.

Watch “All My Guys” ft. ZayBang & Lil Yee (Prod. by Zaytoven):

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Zaytoven Presents: Fo15 tracklist: 

  1. “The Click” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. ZayBang, Lil Bean, KxNG Llama, Lil Yee, Prezi & Lil Pete)
  2. “Chase Down” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. Lil Bean, ZayBang & Lil Yee)
  3. “Run The Score” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. Lil Yee, Lil Bean & Zaybang)
  4. “Anything I Want” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. ZayBang, Lil Yee & Lil Bean)
  5. “All My Guys” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. Lil Yee & ZayBang)
  6. “Bigger Picture” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. Lil Bean, ZayBang, Prezi, KxNG Llama & Lil Yee)
  7. “I’m A Dog” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. ZayBang, KxNG Llama, Prezi & Lil Bean)
  8. “Put It On The Line” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. Lil Bean & KxNG Llama)
  9. “Frisco Shit” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. ZayBang, KxNG Llama, Prezi & Lil Bean)
  10. “Gone” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. KxNG Llama, Lil Bean & Lil Yee)

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