CollabCrib’s Youngest Member Queen Khamyra

October 18, 2021 0

The sky has no limit, and 15-year-old Atlanta, GA native Queen Khamyra is reaching big goals and unlocking new levels of success. From activism, modeling, music, acting, and even media, Queen Khamyra has a lot under her belt. Content creation has been in Khamyra’s front view for a while, and it’s going more than well. As the youngest African-American to host a talk show on a major social media platform, Khamyra has filled some big shoes, and she is executing the steps well. Tea With The Queen via Facebook, is an entertainment-based show full of influencers and stars on the rise.

Not only is she the youngest media representative, she is also the youngest member of the first black creator house, called the Collab Crib. With over 2.5 million followers across all platforms, it’s safe to say that Queen Khamyra’s audience is compellingly reliable, and attentive. And with the support of the Collab Crib, this fifteen year old mogul is being molded for greatness.

Garnering several supporters and opening many doors just from being herself, Queen Khamyra’s drive has landed her major collaborations with brands like Amazon, Steve Madden, and more. She’s even been featured in the New York Times x FX x Hulu Documentary “Who Gets To Be an Influencer. All of these current achievements will soon turn-over into larger ones, but overall, Queen Khamyra is prepared to hold the reins. She has even launched a new clothing line entitled “Putta Crown On It” — and that’s exactly what she does. 

Watch Queen Khamyra’s Talk Show here.

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