Jungle and Bas collaborate on “Romeo”

July 23, 2021 0
maxresdefault-2-2 Jungle and Bas collaborate on "Romeo"

Duo Jungle will be releasing their Loving In Stereo project end of the year, and for their latest offering, “Romeo”, they’ve teamed up

with Dreamville’s own Bas to create a soundscape. As Bas opens the track with his smooth first verse, he comes out to perform one continuous shot of a dancer displaying their skills in an empty room. 

Director J Lloyd and choreographers Nathaniel Williams and Cece Nama are behind the new visual for the song. To get fans prepared for the upcoming album, Jungle has released tracks like “Don’t Be Afraid” and “Talk About It.” in 2021. Prior to this, the projects For Ever and Jungle were released. 

Other recent collaborations include Bas’s collaboration with Wyclef Jean and Price on “Selfish”, and Bas’ collaboration with The Hics on “Smoke From Fire”. In addition to his role at Dreamville, he also hosted the podcast The Messenger, which will share the story of Uganda’s struggle for freedom. Bas has worked on a number of singles since his last solo release, Milky Way in 2018, including FKJ’s “Risk,” Rexx Life Raj’s “No Permission Needed,” and Dua Saleh’s “RE(a)D.” 

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