King’s Disease II marks Nas’ return with a new album

August 11, 2021 0
maxresdefault-1-2 King's Disease II marks Nas' return with a new album

Nas has been on top of hip hop for more than 25 years, which isn’t something that can be said of most artists. His timeless albums such as Illmatic, It Was Written, Stillmatic, and a number of others have had an impact on generations of rappers to this day. Most people would add the Queens rapper to their Hip Hop Mount Rushmore, and for good reason, it makes perfect sense (keeping in mind the rapper’s discography). 

The world is able to enjoy Nas’ 13th studio album King’s Disease II today (Aug 6). 

The rapper released King’s Disease as his first album since 2018’s Nasir (executive produced by Kanye West). Before releasing that album, Nas connected with Hit Boy, a producer who is one of the most thorough in the business. King’s Disease II was the perfect setting for the duo to join forces again, and this time, they delivered even more heat. The two finally realized their alignment and timing were correct, which was great news! 

With a total of 15 records, King’s Disease II includes prominent features such as the legendary Ms. Lauryn Hill as well as rap icon Eminem. Fans around the world were thrilled when the tracklist was revealed, seeing that this would be Nas and Eminem’s first collaborative effort together. It’s definitely the second time he’s teamed up with Lauryn Hill, and it will be very memorable indeed (their first being “If I Ruled The World” featured on his 1996 sophomore album It Was Written. 

In King’s Disease II, Nas and Hit-Boy show us that they have great chemistry in the studio, and hopefully they will have more for us in the future.  

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