Lily Jay makes a comeback with emotional song “Scars”:

July 29, 2022 0


Being caught in a toxic relationship is something many people fall victim to, but it is never easy to escape from them. This is because a toxic relationship creeps up unexpectedly and makes the victim fall into a motion of dependency with the abuser. Gaslighting and emotional manipulation are common tools used to disbalance the power equality of power in such a relationship. However, the worst part is that a toxic relationship isn’t always one that you go into willingly, aka, it might not only be a romantic or platonic relationship, but also a relationship by blood. In spite of the harm caused by such toxic relationships and the number of cases that are reported every year, there is not much proper education spread to create awareness against them. This is why, rising musical artist Lily Jay has taken it upon herself to do her bit towards this issue in the form of her latest song “Scars”.

Born in Australia, Lily Jay is a singer and songwriter who started her music journey at an early age. Lily Jay debuted with her first single “Renovate”, which also featured The Voice Australia winner Xy Latu. Xy’s help was greatly appreciated and raised the qualify of the song. However, Lily Jay still felt like something was missing which is why she decided to go on hiatus. Over the next 5 years, Lily Jay had been working upon herself and her skills as a unique voice and talent. Now, with her latest release “Scars”, which was made available for public streaming on all major platforms as of 22.07.22, Lily Jay has been able to prove that this effort was worth it.

Lily Jay’s courage to speak about such a controversial issue is testimony to the fact that she is in the industry to actually make music as an art form, rather than just treating her profession as a way of making money and attaining popularity. Instead, her decision to step out of the box is what makes her special and is making listeners from all over the globe willing to tune in to “Scars”. Lily Jay hopes to now keep up this win by creating more albums, making sure to always improve her performance before putting something new out. She hopes to not only impress local fans but also get big enough to hear her songs playing on the radio.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out “Scars” for yourself and follow Lily Jay on her social media profiles linked below:



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