Ramzy Da Plug, This Year’s Artist To Watch

May 16, 2022 0

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Ramzy Da Plug is one of the trending names in the list of hip-hop sensations that audiences are looking forward to. The artist hailing from Las Cruces, New Mexico born Frankie Ramzy Jr. is one of the brightest profiles in the hip-hop industry with many eyes on him.

Ramzy Da Plug astounded the music scene with his release “Certain Situations”. Ramzy, who has always dreamt of becoming one of the best hip-hop rappers in the field, gained significant attention with his big release. Since then, the artist has been highly motivated on becoming the best there is. However, it’s not the struggle but the story that has been amusing as Ramzy Da Plug isn’t someone who started off learning music from any academy or an official source.

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Getting an up-close and personal interview with the artist himself, Frankie revealed the fascinating journey that compelled him to this way. “I didn’t start into music on my own. However, it was my best friend Chris that motivated me into it. It wasn’t like a classroom or a motivational lecture. It all started back at home when we use to get together and battle each other to pass time,” he said.

“It was a part of our community and everyone would do their best to beat others. But Chris was something else! He would beat anyone. His skill and the ability to freestyle was something that always intrigued me, and I wished to achieve or perhaps exceed that one day,” he added.

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When asked about his music creation and how he works, Ramzy Da Plug told sources that he works mostly alone as it helps him create the music that would attract an audience. “Most people often argue that creating music doesn’t require you to be depressed. However, that’s for them to think. For me, creating music when depressed is the best way to let out your emotions. I prefer working alone since I feel there’s no one at that time but me to criticize or judge my work and my feelings,” he stated.

Asking about his future, sources wanted to get insight into what the artist planned on doing next. Frankie Ramzy Jr. seemed quite motivated in this stance, illustrating confidence he told our sources that he’s working on the retail side of the business for now.

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However, speaking of collaborations, he mentioned working with several of the big guns in the rapping industry such as Future, Moneybagg, and many more but spoke fondly of Lil Wayne, stating that he is the best-talented artist that he wants to work with.

Overall, Ramzy Da Plug has been working on his music but giving most of his time to his 2 retail stores, making business ends work. As for his stance on his future, he’s looking forward to making an impact by showing the best of his work, which most of his audience anxiously awaits.

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