Pop Artist Defiant Army Branches Out To Fashion

February 21, 2022 0
Branches Pop Artist Defiant Army Branches Out To Fashion

The up-and-coming Italian musician is expanding the scope of his brand.

The way we dress tells people a story about how we feel and the character we want them to see. Artists are constantly looking for new ways to express themselves, and fashion is a way of doing it. For a musician, clothing is a fundamental part of their show. Such is the case for Italian rapper Defiant Army. As an element of his larger-than-life performance, he displays his edgy outfits at concerts, especially his leather jackets. People took notice of his designs and started to ask where to get them, which inspired the artist to begin producing and selling them to the public. The brand has the same name as its creator. 

The idea for the clothing line came to Defiant Army during the beginning of the pandemic. He used isolation to explore new outlets for his creativity. Even though he considers himself an outsider to the fashion industry, the artist knew how to draw and made some sketches for his ideas that he kept to himself. “I needed the lockdown; I pulled out my sketches and started creating designs for my first clothes for me to wear to my shows.” He said in an interview. His ideas are inspired by hip-hop, rock, and punk cultures.

The artist has been greatly influenced by his childhood idols. Amongst them are figures like Eminem and Dr. Dre for hip-hop; Blink-182 and Sum 41 when it comes to punk. “I believe that my strength is just not having points of reference. I tend to look around a little and try to draw what goes into my head. I am very attached to rock/metal culture, but also like to use colors.“ He comments. 

Defiant Army considers himself a good communicator and a “stage animal.” He leaves everything on the stage. He loves his fans and thinks it’s essential to create a bond with them. He makes them sing and brings them onstage. The artist is excited about the upcoming release of his new hits in which he collaborates with other Italian musicians. His songs are about real life and have a touch of irony. He likes to go deep, sometimes into tough matters, but he sings them with a smile on his face to lighten them. The artist wants to promote love and equality between people with his music. 

As to what he’s looking forward to in the future, the artist announced: “With music, I hope to express my emotions in my songs. Now that I’m finally gaining more traction and engagement with fans, my music gets more listens, thanks to my success today. I hope to get my music to as many people as possible and go back to big shows. Through fashion, I hope to dress great artists with my creations. I’m trying to move more and more on the American market. I have various contacts, but I don’t want to give away any spoilers yet.” He also wants to ride the crypto wave and is working on an NFT collection. 

Besides growing the audience for his music, Defiant Army wants great artists to wear his clothes. Getting into the American Market is one of his priorities. He wants to ride the crypto wave and is working on his first NFTs project. The collection will feature a little angel, which is his mascot. What will he come up with next?

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