Alex Porter is a local talent out of Los Angeles California.

September 28, 2022 0
Alex-Porter-333x500 Alex Porter is a local talent out of Los Angeles California.
Alex was raised by his single mother and grandmother that molded and shaped him into the man that you see today. Facing many challenges in life, Alex tapped into his first gift that God had given him at a young age. This gift was playing the drums. At the age of two he developed an ear to play on time and to the rhythm that seemed extremely advanced for a two year old. Extremely advanced that the teacher noticed his talent and told his mother Shequita Porter that her son had a phenomenal gift. That gift manifested and grew within Alex as he became one of the most renowned drummers of our time today. Playing for celebrity gospels and hip hop artists everywhere, it wasn’t until the age of 17 that Alex later stumbled upon the ability to sing. Growing up in the church like many singers do, Alex began to develop and self train his voice by singing in choirs and groups. The older he got the more his voice developed and he began to take on lead singing roles and shifted focus onto the genre style R & B. With such diversity Alex was singing and writing songs while performing live at different venues. Overall building his audience and fan base up as the Singer and Musician we see in him today! Keep an eye open for this talent Alex Porter is the real deal.

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