Amaka Kai’ro the Igbo Princess Drops New Single “Toasty.”

July 6, 2022 0

IMG-20220705-WA0005-406x500 Amaka Kai’ro the Igbo Princess Drops New Single “Toasty.”

*Her latest track, “Toasty”, is an Afro-feel single with the potential to become the hot favorite of every Afro jam fan out there.*


It sometimes takes years for people to build momentum and create a successful path for themselves in their chosen industries. A few others get ahead faster as youngsters, budding their careers from a very young age. In any case, people need to give it their all, put in incessant efforts, and move ahead continuously in their journeys with determination and a relentless drive. To be able to do that in the world of music has proven to be even more demanding and taxing, but a few are gems like Amaka Kai’ro. Amaka shows us what it takes to become one’s best version and how with passion for music and love for the craft, people push forward the growth of the industry and attain massive recognition.


Amaka Kai’ro is all about her insane love and passion for music that she believes has led her thus far, so much so that her latest single, “Toasty,” in just a short span, has reached hundreds of listeners on platforms Spotify and YouTube and the numbers are continuously climbing. The song has created much momentum and buzz around the industry as an Afro-feel single, gradually becoming the hot-favorite of Afro jam fans everywhere. Known as the Igbo princess, Amaka Kai’ro has so far attained incredible recognition for her music both locally and abroad. Instead of resting on her laurels, she chose to keep working and paving her own path to even more success and growth as a singer and musical artist.


This exceptional musical talent was originally categorized as an Afro trap star, and now her new music sounds more Afro-pop. “Toasty”, her fourth single from her forthcoming first solo album, “813”, is the one which music lovers, especially the fans of Afro jams, were waiting for eagerly. It is all about being a sexy dance track with a plinking, insistent hook, a hot beat, and periodic exhortations.


Amaka Kai’ro wanted to create a track that could sway people to her tunes and compel them to hit the dance floor, and that’s what “Toasty”, her latest single does.


She wishes to continue creating such foot-tapping songs and build a unique niche for herself in the industry. You can find the Igbo Princess on Instagram and Twitter @amakakairo



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