Amoré King is on the verge of stardom

August 7, 2022 0
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Amoré King

In order for a guy to be a star there are a few requirements. Men have to want to be like you and the ladies have to want to be with you. Check both of those for Rapper Amoré King. A staple in the Louisville, KY Hip Hop scene Amoré has amassed fans from cities all over the world. A big portion of his fanbase is ladies. With projects like the EP “Valentine’s Day Jordan” From Amoré King it’s not hard to understand why. Songs like “Made in Heaven”, “Questions”, and the EP title track it’s apparent the ladies were heavily on his mind. They’ve returned the love in drove by buying merchandise and running his Spotify and video numbers up.

Most artists would leave well enough alone. The fact that Amoré decided not to may be the very thing that propels him to a breakthrough on a mainstream level. Amoré King followed up his 2017 EP by raising his level across the board. Educating himself on the inner workings of the business. Founding his label, “The Immaculate Ones AV”. He went on to sign himself to his own label and trademarking his name. Somewhere Ludacris is smiling (Luda’s 2006 song “Tell It Like It Is” gives artists the blueprint to do these things).

Instead of going right back to the bedroom raps Amoré returned with a strong lyrical onslaught from the single “Nights in the West”. The single features lyrical gymnastics, slick talk galore, and gun bar or two sprinkled in for good measure. The content is believable and done in a manner that would make prime Ghostface Killah tip his fitted. A dangerous move to switch up the formula but the move has worked well. Nights in the West has opened Amoré King up to a whole new audience leading to a slew of shows throughout the South and Midwest.

His most recent single merges both worlds. Entitled “Summertime Fling”, the song marries rapid fire flow, lyrical ability, and even has Amoré showcasing his vocal chops. From the same city that has already brought us Static Major (and his group Playa), and Bryson Tiller it seems Louisville just has a knack for doing R&B vibes at an extremely high level. Summertime Fling seems aimed Squarely at the Instagram honeys and playboys alike. It packs enough lyrical ability to satisfy the Hip Hop heads too. The old Notorious Big formula reincarnated, seems to be the goal for Amoré King. It’s a goal that we think will have him squarely on the verge of stardom.

Amoré King – Summertime Fling (Official Music Video)

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