An Exclusive Interview With Scilence About Her Power House Track Josè Josè

September 10, 2022 0

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Hello Scilence, It’s a pleasure to have you here today with us and thank you for taking the time out to give us the exclusive. So first just start off by telling us about yourself.


Hi, and thanks for having me! Well I’m originally from the DMV area but I’ve lived in California for the past few years now. I’ve been actively putting out content for about 2 1/2 years. I’d consider myself hip hop while also touching on the electronic synth realm of things. Plus I write and record my own music.


So I know your an Audio Engineer as well as an artist. Which do you prefer more?


Honestly, I love both. I couldn’t choose one over the other. They’re both very cool and play important key roles when it comes to making a great song. I feel lot’s of artistic freedom on both roles. I want to be known for being a great engineer just like I want to be known for being a great artist.

So can you tell us about your project “The Red Cup Demo”?

Yes, “The Red Cup Demo” is my first project of many to come. It consists of 9 songs that I put together. I’ve always been into music but this is the first time I really sat down and was determined to put out a finished project to release to the world. These song’s were challenging because I was so new to this. I originally had no desire to be an artist. I just wanted to be a ghost writer but people kept passing up on my songs. So I decided to test out my song writing skills and use myself as the artist. I felt as though, I should be able to write for an artist just starting out, who has no musical direction whatsoever. So I tried that on myself.


Why did you name this project “The Red Cup Demo”?

I called it “The Red Cup Demo” because I didn’t know which direction I was going in so I felt like I should just call it a “demo”. I looked at it as more like a rough draft of what I could potentially do. So I needed the word “demo” in there so people would know that my sound wasn’t perfected. But as far as “the red cup” part I wanted to think of something that would stick. Something iconic that I wanted to put myself next too that wasn’t very provocative and can get me brand deals in the future as I grow my fan base.            and I do love alcohol! (Laughs)

So I have to ask this now because I’m curious. What is your favorite drink?

Everclear (laughs). I drink mainly clear, but I don’t mind dark drinks at all.

So the first song on the album is a very strong and powerful intro that seems to set the tone of your project. What inspired this song and why did you name it josè Josè?

Well I want to start off by saying Josè Josè is a legend. He’s like the Mexican Frank Sinatra but he’s a legend in his own right. I was in the studio one day and I had some free time. My engineer at the time, Manny Frezko who’s now my mentor, started playing random beats by this local producer, Bad Hombrè. Once I heard this beat, I knew that this song had to start off the demo. It was a great way to reel people into my world and theme of red party cups. Josè josè struggled with alcohol for sometime before his death and I knew I could sort of use his lyrics as a play on words to fit my theme. The funny thing is, I had already finished writing the song before I knew what he was saying. I had to ask Manny about what the song was saying because I don’t speak Spanish. But I just went off of emotions when I wrote the song. It doesn’t matter what language a song is in, you can always feel the message through the emotions and I felt like this was a helpless love song.

What is the name of the original Josè Josè song and can you break it down for us?

Sure the name of the original song is called “Lo Dudo”. And it’s a love song about a woman that he treated so good but she seems to take his kindness for granted. She alsobseems to be stuck between two men. Then he tells her to go with the other man even though he doesn’t treat you as good as I do.


So is Latin music something you like to incorporate in your songs often?


I like to dabble in Latin when it comes to my music. I don’t think everyone see’s how much momentum Latin music has in the music industry today. Bad Bunny sales more records than Drake and oddly not everyone knows that. And J Balvin is breaking lot’s of records as a first time Latin artist.

So for my last question, what more can we expect from you in the future?

You can definitely expect more Latin infused elements in my songs. You can be on the look out for my next project on January 1st. That’s when I like to drop all of my projects.

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