Benjamin Richardson illuminates the power of Green Gold

May 24, 2022 0

image-391x500 Benjamin Richardson illuminates the power of Green Gold

Converting fantasy into a financial reality  

Possessing the mental capacity and business acumen to transform a moment of inspiration into success defines the American Dream. Discovering your life’s purpose is serene, beautiful, and divine. 

Understanding the power of your vision fuels a person’s animal ambition in life. Coming full circle with fear, uncertainty, darkness, and faith breeds visionaries. Believing in something before it blooms into fruition is courageous.   

Pursuing it without compromise defines the word: FAITH. Faith draws a significant degree of separation between fearless and faint-of-heart. Traveling the road less traveled is not designed for conventional thinking. 

Benjamin Richardson’s life was never created to be conventional. At the age of 14, Benjamin accidentally discovered his destiny inside a Burger King freezer, smoking weed. From that moment, he would begin a race that would never end. Mastering and redefining the cannabis industry.   


Benjamin Richardson vows to educate and empower the next generation of Cannabis visionaries.  

Benjamin Richardson bet on himself and never looked back on life. Investing in excess of 100,000 USD to acquire Lifted Northwest. Lifted Northwest is one of the premier marijuana dispensaries in Portland and North America.   

The mastermind of Benjamin Richardson enabled him to create an unparalleled niche cannabis product. Marijuana enthusiasts find the perfect balance between price, quality, and exclusivity with Lifted Northwest. Lifted Northwest produces a world-famous ten-dollar cannabis product. Fueled by a flower called Terdz, Lifted Northwest’s marijuana menu is unrivaled inside the cannabis industry.   

Benjamin Richardson’s commitment to excellence and education is undeniable. An organic extension for Benjamin was transforming his knowledge, pain, hunger, and creative genius into a book. Teaching originates from a humble passion to uplift people without prejudice. 

Green Gold‘ provides an authentic blueprint for aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs. Benjamin Richardson understands the value of building a bridge to the future. Benjamin Richardson’s latest book ‘Green Gold‘, illuminates the new future of cannabis.   

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