Budding artist Ace Jay dropped his new single ‘Without You’ on December 2nd

December 8, 2022 0

WhatsApp-Image-2022-12-07-at-20.52.01-375x500 Budding artist Ace Jay dropped his new single ‘Without You’ on December 2nd

Up-and-coming music artist Ace Jay is in the news again and this time he has come out with his new attractive single ‘Without You’ on December 2nd. 

Ace Jay is a 21 years old talented musical artist destined for great things in the music industry. Hailing from a humble background, Ace Jay got into music from a very young age and immediately fall in love with rap music. He started writing his lyrics at the age of 10 and learned to play guitar on his own.

Inspired to create music from The Weeknd, Ace Jay puts the raw feelings and emotions of heartbreak and real-life experiences into his lyrics to make powerful music. Working on his creative process from his basement, Ace Jay likes to just work on the beats first and then write his lyrics down then and there. Recording a new song just takes like 2 hours and the powerful roller-coaster emotions that come with heartbreak make the music of Ace Jay so relatable and timeless.

Creating music in his signature R&B-styled beat with plenty of synths, Ace Jay loves to work with his engineer Mangu to belt out chartbusters. Writing about heartbreaks and real-life love experiences just feels close to home for the talented artist Ace Jay.

This new single ‘Without You’ is all about this roller-coaster of feelings that just comes with heartbreak and was inspired by a breakup that Ace jay went through last December. After getting his heart broken and navigating through all those hard feelings, Ace Jay could only do one thing that he knows best – and that is to turn those raw feelings and emotions he was going through into heartfelt music for his fans.

Music always has been an outlet for the emotions and experiences that Ace Jay goes through. After hitting the studio immediately after a break-up let Ace Jay come up with this masterpiece single ‘Without You’ This ‘single’ captures the essence of the heartache that one feels when one falls madly in love with someone but does not end up together resulting in heartbreak.

Although one year has passed since this special song was created, Ace Jay took his sweet time perfecting the song as it deserves to be a timeless classic for everyone who went through a breakup and got their heart broken. And now he has dropped this new single on 2nd December and cannot wait for his fans to listen to this masterpiece.

Ace Jay is going to release more singles in the year 2023 and is already working on expanding his podcast and bringing out more live performances. Well, his fans certainly seem eager for what Ace Jay brings next!

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