Cam’Ron and A-Trak Team Up For “All I Really Wanted” with “U Wasn’t There” Album Dropping Soon

September 2, 2022 0

unnamed-7-500x500 Cam’Ron and A-Trak Team Up For “All I Really Wanted” with "U Wasn't There" Album Dropping Soon

The Harlem superstar Cam’Ron and famous Canadian DJ A-Trak paired up to release a fresh new single “All I Really Wanted.” The A-Trak, Beautiful Lou, and G Koop produced track focused on how Cam’Ron rose to his superstardom from getting buckets in high school and transitioning to the street game. When the female vocalist sings, “All I really wanted…,” Cam replies back, “money, cars, clothes, hood respect” and other lines that reflect his past desires throughout the song. If you’re not knowledgeable about the story of Cam’ron, this is a captivating introduction to the emcee’s story of having the cards stacked against him in Harlem to overcome the odds as a worldwide superstar. The single embodies classic East Coast hip hop without frills and combines the legacies of Dipset, Fool’s Gold, and Damon Dash. This is the first single for the duo’s collaborative U Wasn’t There. The release date for the album is September 23rd.

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