DJ Mário Guerra and producer shows his talent created and guided by the roots of hip-hop/rap

September 24, 2022 0

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The meeting between businessman and DJ Mário Guerra, 33 years old, and Fernandinho BeatBox in São Paulo at Show Santo Cupido’s house, brought more knowledge to the DJ and thus made it possible to meet more people in the music field. DJ Mário Guerra says that Fernandinho BeatBox’s level in creating beats is incredible, I learned a lot in this meeting!

The DJ and producer shows all his talent with goosebumps and emotions when he plays. Created and guided by the roots of hiphop/rap music in Brazil, the lover of Rap and Trapp is always looking for new experiences and knowledge.

In search of this, he moved to Europe in 2014/2015 and has innovated his musical research with Dj’s around the world, being Caio Passos Beat, Pedro Lotto, Dj Pereira his biggest inspirations, in addition to other Dj’s from where he started his career. .

He has played at private parties, own events, lounges and labels such as Santo Cupido, Quitandinha and Rose Bombom, enjoying the showcase at the renowned Santo Cupido. The Dj never ceases to amaze with his sets, songs and videos, using his love of music to pass on his energy and engage his audience.
DJ and entrepreneur Mario Guerra began his musical career in 2016. Shortly before, the Bahian traveled to countries such as Holland, Belgium, Germany, France and Chile, studying trends in trapp and hiphop music. In Brazil, he became one of the great highlights of the trapp scene, was a resident of the Santo Cupido club and became the DJ Revelation of 2022.

With great experience in the international scene ? Dj Mario Guerra has performed in countries in South America and Europe, Mario Guerra has been touring all over Brazil with presentations in several clubs, making him one of the best known DJs in the Brazilian trapp scene. Fresh from a tour in the United States, the DJ debuts as a producer, with “We Can Do It!”.

In partnership with DJ and producer Byel TVZ, this is the first single by Dj Mario Guerra and will be the flagship of the album “Silbervogel 2”. With a striking vocal and typically hiphop instrumental, the single was released in August, through a lyric video on the DJ’s official YouTube channel, and promises to shake the world’s tracks.

For this new phase in his career, since 2016, Dj Mario Guerra has been investing in musical productions.
Off the slopes, he develops his entrepreneurial career in parallel, for which he has worked with large national and international companies.


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