Eazy Da Block Captain Releases New Project “Himothy: Chapter 1”

May 18, 2022 0

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Meet Philly’s prominent multifaceted talent,
Eazy Da Block Captain who continues to pave the way for battle rappers turned entrepreneurs! 

As a youngin’, Eazy began busting out his rapid-fire rhymer as an outlet to escape the streets of Philly. Consistently honing his craft, the rising rhymer has mastered the art of transforming his suffering into critical accolades.

As a result, he’s shut down the stages of some of the world’s most prestigious battle rap leagues. Including but not limited to, the Ultimate Rap League and Rare Breed Entertainment. On a larger scale, the boastful battle rapper broke barriers in battle rap culture when he left his mark on the most respected stage, The URL (Ultimate Rap League). 

Following up an amazing accolade, Eazy adds another notch under his belt as an actor! Eazy goes on to make his television debut in NBC’s Peacock network’s ‘Bel Air,’ following his famed triumph on the URL platform. In fact, it’s a fresh take on the cult classic “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. It explores Will Smith’s early years in a more serious light. Throughout the series, Eazy plays Rashad, a real-life character who had a significant impact on Will Smith’s life.

After witnessing one of the rapper’s highly anticipated rap battles live in 2021, Director Morgan Cooper knew she had to connect with this creative! To no surprise, Eazy was a natural on set. You can now watch Eazy‘s skill in 4K by pressing play on season one, which is now available on Peacock!

Eazy is using 2022 to continue building his brand. Which he has transformed into a worldwide wonder and sensation. Keeping up with the momentum, Eazy Da Block Captain is not letting up anytime soon! This multidimensional musician laid the foundation for his empire with lyrically inclined battle rap bars and continues to stack the stepping stones. As an actor, battle rapper and recording artist, Eazy seamlessly adapts and carves out his own lane with every new opportunity.

Get familiar with Eazy The Block Captain and all things battle rap, GuttaCity, and Himothy: Chapter 1! Lastly, let us know what you think!


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