Emerging Musician: Bionic’s Journey to Success

September 19, 2022 0

Bionic-3-1-336x500 Emerging Musician: Bionic’s Journey to Success

The music industry has allowed many to prove their talent and make a name for themselves. But in today’s age of social media, the competition has increased. Despite this challenge, talented musician Bionic has showcased his skills to the world.

Bionic is currently working tirelessly to release his next single. The detail he includes in his music videos makes his music stand out from the crowd. Bionic is not only a dedicated musician but also a fashion enthusiast, which is seen in his fashion sense and association with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton.  

Collaborating and connecting with Louis Vuitton has helped him network and create beneficial relationships in the music industry. He is often invited to various LV events and loves to dress in the brand’s classic ensembles for these occasions.

Several well-known musicians influenced Bionic to develop his own musical style. He has received admiration for his music as well as for his style and craftsmanship. Bionic has accomplished a lot as a musician in a short amount of time. On Spotify, his debut song, “Change,” received over 1.1 million streams.

Artists like Quincy Jones, Push T, Labrinth, Pharell Williams, and Kanye are among those who have influenced Bionic. In the fashion world, he admires Virgil Abloh, a notable fashion designer for Louis Vuitton. 

Bionic has had the opportunity to rub shoulders with many well-known musicians such as Giggs, Martin Garrix, Stefflon Don, Jason Derulo and many more through engineering and studio sessions.  He also linked up with Mr Flower Fantastic, Alicia Keys, and Swizz Beatz as he was recently spotted in the backstage area of Alicia Keys’ world tour in Barcelona as seen on his instagram @bionic. He has been able to watch and pick up tips from these opportunities to become a better artist. 

Bionic advises others to stay focused on their goals and avoid distractions.

Future goals should be established, and Bionic has done so for himself. In the coming years, he hopes to produce more songs and excel further in his field. He also hopes to impact many people’s lives with his music. Hans Zimmer is a huge influence on Bionic, who also aspires to do film scores.

Bionic believes in consistency and intends to continue progressing despite any hurdles he faces. When his father passed away in 2020, he experienced the hardest days of his life. His suffering was made worse by the loneliness he experienced during the pandemic-related lockdown, but music helped him get through this tough time.

For Bionic, music has been an important outlet that has allowed him to express himself. Various hiccups have occurred in his life, but his drive and passion have kept his journey alive. Bionic advises others to remain consistent and maintain a positive mindset if they want to achieve big things. 

Starting from scratch on his own and independently working on his music was daunting, but this experience changed his life for good. People like Bionic are inspirational, and aspiring artists can learn a lot from their journeys to success. Bionic’s upcoming single is set to release soon and will almost surely help him break his previous record of crossing a million streams. 

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