Fresh from the Federal System, Famous Living has channelled his inner creative powers into powerful, impactful and ambiguous melodies.

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673A6CD5-AF2D-46A9-ACE5-5EE1869B8B51-400x500 Fresh from the Federal System, Famous Living has channelled his inner creative powers into powerful, impactful and ambiguous melodies.

Music in New York City

The nightlife and music scene in New York City are well-known. It is a music mecca as well as one of the most culturally diverse and influential cities in the United States, if not the world.

As a result, it has produced some of history’s most iconic musicians. It has been at the forefront of musical innovation, from reggae to punk rock, and its artists have left an indelible mark on popular culture.

Famous Living’s journey to the Music Industry

It’s no secret that New York City has become a breeding ground for some of the industry’s hottest musicians. One artist, in particular, has consistently made major waves and established himself as an emerging force to be reckoned with. If you aren’t already acquainted, now is the time to become acquainted. Meet Famous Living, a lyrical genius with a one-of-a-kind name. Fresh from the Federal System, Famous Living has channeled his inner creative powers into powerful, impactful, ambiguous melodies, and insightful non fiction music. Famous Living is a multi-talented artist who can rap, sing, dance, act, and model.  With his melodic flow and word-play, he paints a picture that true hip-hop heads can really appreciate. He often draws from personal experiences and life’s challenges when writing rhymes that allow his music to resonate globally in the hearts of many. Make no mistake Famous Living is here to stay and he has so much more in store for his fans and potential fans. Be on the lookout for upcoming shows/interviews. 

Famous Living’ work

Famous Living has two singles out that are crushing the streets. “USED N CONFUSED” and “HARD”. He has an average of 4,101 monthly listeners on Spotify. Check out Famous Living videos on youtube and support this new talent to follow his passion. 

Famous Living’s Idea of Success

Today’s artists can have millions of plays on streaming platforms and still not “feel” successful. This is due to the fact that a large number of streams do not always translate to living wages, especially after labels and managers take their cut. But how strange is that?

A stunning, informative, and disturbing infographic created by Information Is Beautiful calculated the number of plays artists typically need to generate through major streaming platforms in order to earn minimum wage. The inexhaustible supply of new music creates enormous competition for small, unestablished artists like Fmous Living who must compete with one another.

The surge in releases isn’t preventing musicians from achieving traditional success with their work, but it is making it more difficult to find. In a saturated, rapidly changing market, Famous Living now think like entrepreneurs. Famous Living is looking inward at his art as well as outward at the industry. It’s thrilling and terrifying, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Final lines

At the risk of sounding overly self-help, current conditions leave musicians with no other choice than to have to define success on their terms, and Famous Living thinks this is a good thing. All-or-nothing attitudes in music stifle creativity and have thwarted the careers of countless musicians. Still, the old ways of thinking about “making it” in music are less and less fitting in today’s music industry. Check it out, and don’t forget to follow @mr.famousliving on Instagram, where he’ll be streaming his latest project across all major platforms. If you want to connect with him personally you can email him on this site. My contact email also is [email protected]

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