Gritty Boi Drops Album “Leonidas (War Is Necessary 2)”

June 20, 2022 0

unnamed-40-500x375 Gritty Boi Drops Album "Leonidas (War Is Necessary 2)"

When 2Pac died, many questioned who would fill the void that was left in rap music in his absence and Gritty Boi, a Chicago-born rapper, comes in as the answer to this question. His versatile sound is derived from classic hip hop, specifically from artists like 2Pac, Soulja Slim, and Pimp C, where he thrives in telling the story of the underdog. As his name suggests, he brings a certain grittiness to the industry and has been working steadily to make his name mentioned among the greats.

Gritty Boi has passed out over 100,000 CDs of his music, which is an impressive feat for the digital era we live in and just another example of how he plans to take over the world with this music. Growing up, Gritty Boi, who was born Thomas Jackson, would move between the South and the Midwest, which would end up being a major factor in crafting his sound. “I would say my style is west coast southern with a teaspoon of the east coast,” he explains. Adding, “and a tablespoon of Midwest”. Listeners from all over the world can relate to his music, but it’s his hustle that they admired even more. He got his rap name from coming up in the streets, but he wants his fans to see how he strived despite the challenges he faced in life. 

He recently shared a project entitled “W.I.N” which means “War is Necessary”, with the lead single “Facts” and now in volume 2 titled leonidas, Gritty Boi is honoring the late 2Pac by rapping over his classic album Makaveli. His goal is to put his own style in the forefront and have fans enjoy him just as much as they enjoy Pac. There’s no limit to what’s next for Gritty Boi, especially after fans hear his newest project. He aims to continue in his art by acting, designing a clothing line, and managing his own label with Gritty Boi Ent.

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