Hip Hop and Vegas? This Black Entrepreneur Is Looking To Make It Happen

October 3, 2022 0

PHOTO-2022-08-30-12-41-56 Hip Hop and Vegas? This Black Entrepreneur Is Looking To Make It Happen  PHOTO-2022-08-30-12-41-56-1 Hip Hop and Vegas? This Black Entrepreneur Is Looking To Make It Happen  Screen-Shot-2022-10-03-at-4.39.25-PM-500x337 Hip Hop and Vegas? This Black Entrepreneur Is Looking To Make It Happen

Hip Hop has landed in Vegas! WIth a cast including Ceelo Green, Kid ‘N Play, Thea Austin, and Eric. B, The Boombox! show at Westgate Resort and Casino is bringing Hip Hop to the big stage in Vegas for the first time in history. “Boombox! A Vegas Residency on Shuffle” is looking to establish Hip Hop as a common staple on the Vegas scene.

The Boombox! is dedicated to bringing back the vibes of the ‘90s era. Chief Creative Officer, Jimmy Maynes, views this as a way to continue the revival of ‘90s Hip Hop. “The last four years has been amazing for the resurgence of the ‘90s. We want to bring that resurgence to Vegas.”  To that note, Maynes and the team of Fan Rebellion have gone to great lengths to bring a show that really brings a ‘90s vibe. “When you look at house parties in the 90s, it was all about dance music. You didn’t have a house party without Kid ‘N Play, J.J Fad, or SNAP.” 

The Boombox! show is being produced by Fan Rebellion – a production company that is looking to disrupt Vegas with alternative entertainment offerings and a fanbase that also serves as their investors. Chief Creative Director, Jimmy Maynes, is committed to building a company that is built around everyday people. “No other Hip Hop residency or fan participation is going on in a Vegas showroom.” 

Beyond their emphasis on Hip Hop and other niche entertainment genres, Fan Rebellion is also looking to give their fans ownership in the entertainment industry. For as little as $105, fans can become partial owners of Fan Rebellion and share in the profit of every single show. “Most entertainment companies require investors to have 6 or 7 figure investments, we want to open up that up for more people.” 

This is all a part of their plan to give people more control of what happens in Las Vegas. “Our thought is that there is an underserved audience in Las Vegas – both in entertainment choices and in opportunities to invest.” Everything the company does is with the idea of being accessible to everyday people. From buying equipment that other shows would rent, and bringing other aspects of the business under the same roof, they are looking to maximize the return of their investors as well as provide affordable, destination-worthy entertainment for Vegas visitors. 

For Maynes, this is more than just an opportunity to bring something iconic and memorable to Vegas. “As an African-American, this is something special. The ability to participate in Vegas, in a place that doesn’t look like me – that’s something to celebrate.”

If you are interested in learning more about Fan Rebellion’s Iconic ‘90s performance, you can visit their website. You can also learn more about the production company Fan Rebellion and their team by visiting their website as well. 

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