How Drill Rapper Swifty’s Song ‘Pop-Out’ Took Over the Internet

August 9, 2022 0

D4D9BD57-7D37-4652-AD4A-561AE05A618F-400x500 How Drill Rapper Swifty's Song 'Pop-Out' Took Over the Internet

If you haven’t heard Drill Rapper Swifty’s new single Pop-Out, where have you been? The infectious chorus has taken over the internet—it’s been on repeat in my car and on my phone since it first debuted last week. Swifty isn’t just blowing up because of his hit song; he has quite the history of making catchy, swaggy music videos as well.

Meet The Rapper

Swifty, better known by his stage name, is a drill rapper. His song Pop-Out was released on YouTube and quickly went viral, garnering 3500 Plus views in a day. Swifty is now signed to a major label and is working on his debut album.

How Did He Make This Hit

The song is an ode to the drill music scene in New York drill and features references to popular culture. Swifty’s unique flow and catchy hooks make Pop-Out a hit with listeners. He believes his artistic message speaks for all of us as he highlights the problems that plague youth in urban communities. This upbeat anthem has gained national attention on YouTube and local radio stations throughout the country. 

Why Did This Hit Go Viral?

There are a few reasons why this song in particular went viral. First, the beat is catchy and easy to listen to. Second, the lyrics are simple and easy to understand. Third, the video is well-produced and visually appealing. Fourth, it features a popular artist (Swifty). And fifth, it was released at a time when people were looking for new music to listen to. The timing of its release also increased its popularity because there weren’t many songs about police brutality on the radio or on Youtube. All of these factors combined made Pop-Out an instant hit.

The True Color of the Street

The street is a place where people hustle to make a living. It’s a place where people are trying to get by, and sometimes that means doing whatever it takes to survive. For some, that means parties, clubs etc. For others, it means becoming a drill rapper. And for Swifty, it meant making a song called Pop-Out.

Listen it now on youtube 

It’s been a little over a day since drill rapper Swifty released his song Pop-Out on YouTube, and it’s already taking the internet by storm. The catchy beat and clever lyrics have resonated with fans all over the world, and the music video has racked up millions of 3500+ views. so here it now  





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