How To Submit Your Music To Music Blogs

August 9, 2022 0

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  • Introduction
  • Submit your music to blogs
  • Make a list of blogs you think carry the best coverage of your genre.
  • Find email addresses for the blogs.
  • Shoot them an email and tell them about your music.
  • Send just one song, it should be the best.
  • Request if they would like to review it.
  • Additional Things that could help


You’re a musician with a new EP, or maybe you have a single just waiting to go viral. You’ve tried everything from posting on social media to sending it to radio stations, but nothing seems to be working. What do you do next? A blog is an excellent way to get your music out there and get people talking about it. Blogs can help you build momentum for your career, especially if they’re written by people who know what they’re talking about when it comes to music coverage (not just fans). If this sounds like something that could help get your music heard then keep reading!

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Submit your music to blogs

Blogs are the best way to get your music heard by a wide audience. The internet is filled with blogs that cover every possible niche of interest and genre, from country music to classical rock, from indie pop to hip hop. If you’re trying to get your music heard by as many people as possible, submitting it to blogs is a great way for you to do so.

You’ll also be able to get feedback on your work from some of these bloggers. Bloggers sometimes write reviews of songs they hear submitted by artists who want their music promoted online; these reviews can give artists valuable feedback about what’s working (and what isn’t) in their writing process, which can help them improve their skills over time!

Make a list of blogs you think carry the best coverage of your genre.

Before you start submitting your music to blogs, it’s important that you know your audience.

check your indie music filter genres, If you’re releasing hip hop music, you won’t get approved at blogs that cover electronic music. also make sure you know the difference between the music genres, indie rock is not singer songwriter.

If you’re an up-and-coming indie artist and regularly play at a local coffee shop on the weekends, then maybe all of the blogs that cover your genre are located in Atlanta or New York City. Maybe they have a big social media presence and have been around for at least five years—you can tell by how many followers they have on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

If this is the case, then getting featured on such a blog would be great exposure for you! You should definitely submit some of your music to them!

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Find email addresses for the blogs.

The first step is to find the email address for the blog. For this, you’ll need to do a Google search for “music blogs”. make sure you’re looking for music blogs that are reviewing songs and not music news blogs.

Once you’ve found a few blogs that look like they may be interested in your music, visit their websites and look for their contact page. This will often be located at the bottom of their website.

You should find an email address there that looks something like [email protected] or [email protected] (the latter being from my own personal experience).

Shoot them an email and tell them about your music.

If you’re looking to get your music featured on a blog or website, shoot them an email and tell them about your music. Tell the editor what type of artist you are; what genre of music that you play, when your album was released and where it can be bought online (if applicable). Also, ask if they would like to review it for their readers by providing them with a free copy of your album or single. If so, let them know how many copies you have available for distribution.

By sending out emails like this one time per week, I have managed to get my music into the hands of over 50 music blogs in less than 6 months!

Send just one song, it should be the best.

  • Make sure when you are doing music submissions, send only your best song. This should be obvious but so many people do it wrong. They are sending out three or four songs, most of which are not good enough to make the cut, and then they wait for you to choose one of them or worse, ask you which one you like best in order to decide which one they should submit as their official submission.
  • Don’t send multiple songs unless asked for. If you have more than one relevant track that relates directly or indirectly to the topic of the blog post at hand, then by all means feel free! However if this is not the case then please don’t overwhelm us with too many options—unless we specifically request multiple submissions from each artist(s).
  • Don’t send a bunch of songs and expect us to choose between them ourselves because chances are we won’t even listen through all five tracks before deciding on something else entirely (or maybe just playing around with them in GarageBand). This takes up far too much time when there’s already plenty going on behind-the-scenes here at Earbuddy HQ – not including our own personal lives outside of work hours!


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Request if they would like to review it.

Assuming the blog you’re submitting to is a music blog, first ask if they would like to review it. If they say yes, send them the track and wait for their response. They may love it and post it on their site immediately, or they may reply with an email saying that while they don’t feel comfortable posting your song because of its subject matter, they will consider reviewing your next album.

If someone tells you that they’re not interested in reviewing your work but would be open to listening and providing feedback instead—or even just sending them a link so that they can stream it at home—this is actually quite promising! It means that despite not having any intention of fully covering what you’ve written about in-depth (and therefore endorsing both its quality as well as its message), there’s still a chance of exposure through either word-of-mouth or being linked from other sites who have covered similar content in greater detail

A blog can be a great way to get the word out about your music

Blogs are a great way to get the word out about your music, and can be an excellent way to get your music heard by people who otherwise would not have heard it. Blogs allow you to connect with other musicians and also provide a forum for feedback on your music.

Additional Things that could help

Make sure you submit your music after your official website and social links are all set.

If you’re interested in submitting music to many blogs at once, check out One Submit.

It’s a website that helps submit music to blogs, Spotify playlists, radio stations, record labels and much more. For every submission you’ll get a review from the curator/blogger, if they like your music they will add it to their playlist or music blogs.


If you are releasing new music, the good news for you is the independent music scene is blooming, for emerging artists today there are many options for online music publication.

Thanks for reading this article! We hope you found it helpful and if so please share it with others to help them find the music they love.

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