Intelligent Diva Is Planning to End 2022 With A New Hit Single Featuring Sean Kingston

December 1, 2022 0

Edit-1-1-500x335 Intelligent Diva Is Planning to End 2022 With A New Hit Single Featuring Sean Kingston

Intelligent Diva has held down the music charts by releasing hit after hit under both of her independent music record labels Intelligent Diva Music and Diva Underground Records. Original music from various musical genres such as jazz rap, r&b, pop, urban rhythmic, contemporary gospel, hip hop and urban Latin.  This time she’s planning her upcoming release on December 30, 2023 with her new single called “How To Flex”.  The single features Sean Kingston and is produced by billboard producer Blank Beatz.

The single gives you Caribbean and reggae vibes. Intelligent Diva tells us that as a music artist, when she writes a song it there is always a marketing idea and strategy connected to it. Her focus and goal have always been to have her music utilized for synch and commercial licensing. She tells us that when she writes a song, there is always a vision of how the song could be used for licensing purposes. This time she aimed at wealth in health.

  Her vision for this song, is about people who are wealth with luxurious lifestyles. They could be famous, or simply have expensive taste. They like the finer things in life. Fancy cars, clothes and jewelry. You have worked hard it, towards the goal of getting what you want. So, they like nice things. When you have worked hard for it, and planned for it go for it. She wrote the song, with the idea in mind of it being used for film, commercials, and television. She even pictured the song could be used for even people who are in business of selling luxury real estate, cars, jewelry.  When it comes to health you could even flex your muscles or gluts.

Intelligent Diva also has another upcoming single featuring Sean Kingston called Fly Together which is scheduled to be release after How to Flex. She is definitely the independent artist to watch. Her flow and delivery on the tracks and the harmonies sound amazing.

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