Intelligent Diva ‘s Metal Rap Single “Go Home” is a Club Banger to Calm the Fighters Down and Make You Dance at The Same Time

October 1, 2022 0

Intelligent-Diva-3-2-375x500 Intelligent Diva ‘s Metal Rap Single “Go Home” is a Club Banger to Calm the Fighters Down and Make You Dance at The Same Time

Intelligent Diva did it with this one.  Recently, she received her 3rd Billboard Hit with her single “User” which climbed to number 4 on the BDS Mainstream, R&B and Hip Hot. The music artist changes the pace, and releases an epic EP which includes a skit where she portrays to be a DJ. The skit is the intro to the rock single “Stop Calling Me”.  Her single “Stop Calling Me”, is currently on 4 charts. The 150 Independent Airplay Chart, The Top 50 Rock Genre Chart where it’s currently at #13. The Top 150 Cashbox Magazine Independent Chart and The Cashbox Magazine Top 50 Genre Chart.  The next single Bad Attitude is currently on The Top 150 Independent Airplay Chart. Her single “Pain”, has been mentioned all over the blogs, so beyond a doubt we definitely know will be hitting the charts soon. However, the club banger “Go Home “, stands out to us. The single was release as a snippet where it is approximately 1 min 51 seconds.  The single will be part of her upcoming audio book Music is Art which tells story which will be followed by a song. 

Intelligent Diva wasn’t sure how the metal rap single would appeal to the audience. So, she decided to release it as a snippet on the EP, before you could hear the complete version. There are quite a few of rappers who have released some of the best rap songs which are 2 minutes long.  There definitely no reason why she shouldn’t, and we are glad that she did it!  She starts off by telling the crowd, we don’t need all of this fighting tonight. We came here to party. If you didn’t go home! 

How many times have you been in the club or a party and a fight break out and stops the entire vibe.  Well Go Home is the just the right song, the DJ can play in the club in order to get the eyes on the distraction. Get Security over there and send them out the door so that everybody can get back to having a good time in piece. 

Her delivery fits the metal rap flow, and the guitars added a flavor to the metal rap jam. Intelligent Diva is a woman of many voices. As an actress, she loves to add her voice overs to the tracks, and as the lyricist, you know her flow is fire! Her melodies on the hit sound like she has an all-female band with background singers. But, it’s only her. 

Intelligent Diva worked on the ep at Endangered Wisemen Studios in Jacksonville, Florida where she teamed up with the sound engineer Stone.  Stone’s work at the engineer can also be heard on the Billboard Hit Single “User”.  While her producer, SFR Beats has tracks which can be heard throughout her entire music catalog including her Billboard hit single “Baby I Love You, which landed at #1 for two consecutive weeks on the Internet Airplay Charts. 

Intelligent Diva is definitely making moves and we love the path she’s on. From her very own record labels Intelligent Diva Music and Diva Underground Records, she has released songs which have charted on the independent charts, iTunes Charts, Major Airplay charts, and billboard charts. This musical genius also has her own publishing. 

We absolutely can’t wait to hear the music audio book she’s working on, and she tells us a video game called “User “is also in the works, which is based on her very own 3d animated character and NFT character. The video game will feature her very own music.  

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