Introducing Martin Huu Nguyen: The Rising Music Artist

June 27, 2022 0
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“Honestly, music is just a creative way to get all of your feelings out, so long as I think everything sounds good while I’m making it, I’m all in,” Shared by Martin Huu Nguyen “There are definitely people that would have never found my music if I stayed in the same lane. I love when my fans message me. It makes my day.”

Martin Huu Nguyen considers the day he decided to make his music known to the general public as the turning point that changed his life’s direction. He would never have expected the same warmth and welcome from fans should he have stayed in the shadow. Now, he understands the feeling of being appreciated for something he loves doing and plans on doing so for the rest of his life.We are seeing Martin Huu Nguyen for who he truly is-A young talented man who continues to grow spiritually, mentally & physically.

Martin Huu Nguyen applauded the world of knocking 808s and the growl and punch of creative instrumentals alongside the polished gloss of his trademark croon. “Do You Think About Me Still” dropped January 13th 2022 with over already 70,000k views on YouTube.

To hear more from Martin Huu Nguyen and stay up-to-date on his latest projects, you can check him out at the following links:






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