JBurna 718 To Drop New Single “Momma Cry”

February 28, 2022 0

IMG_4735 JBurna 718 To Drop New Single "Momma Cry"

JBurna 718 is an American music artist from Queens, New York. The rapper/ songwriter was raised in a rough part of the city where his mother did the best she could for him and his older sister. Coming from New York into the rap game, J is bringing you a raw gritty style in his creative delivery. At an early age, he fell in love with music and began making beats and freestyling with pots and pans around the house. The passion grew when he fell in love with his first artist’s music, Grammy-nominated rapper Nas. The Illmatic album was an important body of work in J’s life because it set the course for the artist he is today. Since 8-years old JBurna has been making music, but it was not until August 28th, 2020, that he began to take it seriously. With a hunger to take his career to the next level, he put out his first single ‘Trap or Die’ produced by Ts Records.

A story-telling artist, JBurna is a lyricist who is ALWAYS going to give you bars, punchlines, and 100% realness on any track he jumps on. Rather he is a featured artist on a rock vibe track or riding on his own music, J will play his part every time. With a polished look, a great personality, the industry-ready rapper is every bit of delivering the vibes as a new wave artist here to stay in the game.

Being independent is always challenging when you must master the creative side of being an artist as well as the business side of things. He is putting the work in and beginning to see the results of his labor. With so many resources available for indie artists the recipes for success are endless. JBurna is going full throttle into the industry with his catalog and after dropping several projects he is always open to collaborating with other artists and exploring new sounds.
Instagram: @JBurna718

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