Joilson Melo bets on “Genesis Mystery”, new album with 13 tracks

January 15, 2022 0

Hiphopsince1987 Joilson Melo bets on "Genesis Mystery", new album with 13 tracks

Electronic music has been proven to positively influence mental and emotional health of a person. It makes a person feel like in another world of peace, fun and joy. Electronic music helps make everybody feels active and motivated as people find it enjoyable.


An electronic music album titled “Genesis Mystery” launched by Joilson Melo is the go-to music album that you will love to listen to. The album is based on 13 different engaging tracks that will leave you all astonishing eventually.


Haven’t you been listening to a good electronic music album for a long time? Are you stuck in a tough daily routine and want to escape a little bit? Are you searching for a high voltage electronic music album that you can enjoy after a long day of hard work?


Electronic music contains a wide range of musical styles grabbing listeners’ attention to the extent that they feel all captivated. Music enthusiasts state electronic music a kind of therapy that helps make them feel calm after a day passed with a lot of hard work. Most young individuals feel instant attraction to the repetitive rhythm of electronic music.


Joilson Melo is a well-known practitioner and lawyer based in Sinop-MT, Brazil. Dividing his precious time between the professional career Law and his love for electronic music, he dedicated himself to producing a music album. Music fanatics who have unique taste always find electronic music enthralling and mind blowing that allows for fun and pleasure as well.


Thus, being a music enthusiast and keeping a unique taste, he worked and produced on 13 different tracks and ended up bringing them together in the album “Genesis Mystery”, a thriller collection of 13 tracks. The album has been composed in 2021 and released on January 2022.

The appealing album containing high octane tracks, brings electronic music to its essence. The album also features Hip Hop and Rock for the music lovers who want to spend their time enjoying on the loud music tracks. 


The album is available on leading online music streaming platforms including Tidal, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube Music, Deezer and more. Electronic music enthusiast across the globe can now easily access to any of the pieces of the high-voltage album on aforementioned platforms.


Here is the list of the music tracks the album features:

  1. Mystery, Pop Adventure Sentimental
  2. Genesis Traps
  3. Mysteries for Traps
  4. Traps for infinity
  5. Genesis Aggressiveness
  6. Start of Dance Party
  7. Mysteries, War Game
  8. Mysteries, Hard Tech
  9. Mysteries, Cinematographic
  10. Mystery, Power and Drive Rock
  11. Mystery, Summer
  12. Mystery, Inspiring Story Rock
  13. Mystery, Grinder


Are you already excited about the release of Genesis Mystery? Don’t wait anymore? Check out the album now to ease your tough routine.


Nobody can hold your body from following the epic electronic music beats.

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