Kay Bouftass : Digital Producer and Artist

June 29, 2022 0

KAY-2-356x500 Kay Bouftass : Digital Producer and Artist

Starting her career in as digital creator and tune maker, Kay Bouftass , launched her self titled Spotify playlist, Being a positive influence, Kay Bouftass, has manufactured her own path. Although this year has been unpredictable, music has always been the soundtrack to our circumstances. Particularly the calming or ‘lose yourself in the moment type. It’s safe to say there is still room for some heavy-hitting releases. Such happens to be the case with pop icon Kay Bouftass ’s recent discography

As an established artist, Kay Bouftass has taken giant steps ahead in a reasonably short period, and I guess that’s what happens when you focus all your energy on original songwriting composition and producing what your fans love. Her unique aesthetic and witty music video visuals have turned heads. She is also getting ready to expand to a much broader audience. Her following is growing swiftly, with over 10,000 loyal fans across Spotify, Instagram and other socials–she continues to smash the streaming game as a prominent rising indie artist.

To hear more from Kay Bouftass and stay up-to-date on her latest projects, you can check her out at the following links:

IG: Kay (@kaybfts) • Photos et vidéos Instagram



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