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kethekid-500x500 KETHEKID UNVEILS “Biggest Mobb” THE EP

Ke the Kid returned to the music scene in August of 2020 with EP “Biggest Mobb” after taking a hiatus from social media and even recording. 


Biggest Mobb is a yet another solo EP Ke the Kid releases under his administration No Label the Label.

Baton Rouge artist shows off his voice and versatility in songs like “Twitter” and “violent


Rapper Ke the Kid also teams up with BTRMG Producer ThatsLando to create songs Like “Swiped Again” & “Trappers Anthem” – “Trappers Anthem was freestyled” said the artist, “I started rapping the song and Lando got on Production and started Cooking up the beat over the phone. I pulled up later that day – He finished the beat, had it pulled up and I just went in” Ke the Kid goes on to mention. 

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Biggest Mobb is out now and available for stream/download on all streaming services.

Ke the Kid – Biggest Mobb Tracklist 

  1. White Kollar
  2. Swiped Again
  3. Twitter
  4. Violent
  5. Trappers Anthem

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