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216E6E6C-097D-470D-9BBB-5F2AA9B53457-500x231 LATEST INTERVIEW WITH AUGUST 

August the Doer (Formally Known As Kindness) is seeking to make an impact in the music industry. He’s currently working on his brand, his album, & non profit “STRAIGHT OUTTA THE WORD”.

What’s your biggest inspiration?
August: Finding out my music has touched someone in a positive way.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?
August: My family. I love them so much.

Why did you start your non profit?
August: I’m a believer in GOD, so after years of struggling to make it, I found my niche thru my idea to start a non profit. 

What can we expect from you?
August: You can expect success and hard work.

What’s your style?
August: I want to incorporate my musical theater background into my projects. As well as R&B. I’m a hip hop artist though.

When did you start rapping?
August: I started rapping ten years ago, but I’ve been doing music my entire life. I have near 23 years experience in the piano.

What’s your favorite project?
August: I would say GIFTED AS A RAPPER.

What’s your biggest accomplishment?
August: I would say that my biggest accomplishment would have to be making my family proud.

What’s your safe haven?
August: finding and doing good music and art

Who’s your favorite artist?
August: I would have to say that I admire Drake and Kanye west as my favorites.

If you could choose one mentor?
August: it would be Ye for sure

Will you ever stop making music?
August: I plan on making music for as long as GOD allows me.

Biggest regret?
August: Turning my back on GOD.

What’s your end goal and message?
August: To lead people to worship and serve Jesus Christ. I want to heal thru my songs and art

STRAIGHT OUTTA THE WORD is a developing company that does film, music and plays and is founded my 29 year old, August Russell.

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