Meet DJ Tweak, the DJ and Producer labeled the King of Hip House

January 14, 2022 0

tweak-dj-remixer-producer-pittsburgh-pa-on-phone Meet DJ Tweak, the DJ and Producer labeled the King of Hip House

DJ Tweak, an American DJ and Producer, has announced the release of his new Mixtape Series called “Tweak on Air” which is expected to begin sometime in the end of Summer 2022.

This Series is Unique for the DJ / Producer as he wants to focus on his favorite Genre in the Industry that he likes to call “Hip House” which is composed of custom remixes and mashups consistently played by the DJ in the majority of his club sets.

If you aren’t familiar, mashups usually include just two songs or more that are seamlessly mixed together. Some people can do this on production software like Ableton, while DJs can do this on the fly in real-time. DJ Tweak fortunately can do both.

Due to this ensuing pandemic, most of us haven’t been able to see many DJs lately thanks to club and bar closures.  But believe it or not, DJs and Remixers like Tweak spent their time creating new edits and releases to prepare for the return of live shows and concerts.

DJ Tweak has found his calling with finding creative ways to mix hip hop vocals on house beats.  But why?

The Touring DJ spends many weekends of the year touring and playing venues and clubs across the US, Mexico, and Canada.

“You go to one city, and it’s literally a hip hop city, then you go to your next show somewhere else and it’s more house and edm.  Why not introduce the two and blend them together, generating unique and creative blends called Hip House for everyone to enjoy and love” Says, DJ Tweak.

DJ Tweak considers himself an Open Format DJ, which allows him to use his creativity to blend multiple songs and genres together creating a unique and exciting show for his fans.

When asked what his favorite genre was, Tweak simply said: “Open Format!  I am hip hop head when I listen to music, but I love to produce and DJ House music sets.”  But being an Open Format DJ, he gets to play both along with other genres and reach a larger fan base.

DJ Tweak has been producing mashups and remixes since he started his DJ and Production career.  In Fact, the name DJ Tweak came from his creative blends and abilities to remix different songs and genres together to create unique remixes and bootlegs.  When this was discovered, friends and other DJ’s started calling him Tweak, and the name came to life.

Today, DJ Tweak plays different venues across different cities where he gets to showcase his creative edits to all the party-goers.  His favorite part about each show is when he drops a wordplay remix, or mashup that people aren’t expecting and he just hears the excitement and screams from the people in the crowd.  “It literally gives me goosebumps haha” says Tweak.

Be sure to stay on the lookout for his Hip House album dropping later this Summer because if it has Tweak’s name on it, it’s 100% going to be a banger.

You can find DJ tweak and listen to his music at the following online platforms:

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