Misty Blanco Announces Her New Series ‘Revenge Is Not An Option,’ Introduces Salt & Light And WaveChange Productions.

November 23, 2022 0

Misty-TV-Firm-455x500 Misty Blanco Announces Her New Series ‘Revenge Is Not An Option,’ Introduces Salt & Light And WaveChange Productions.

Exhilarated and thrilled, Misty announced going into the production of her episodic series in January 2023; the mega-scale project has brought opportunities for many production houses and actors. 

‘Revenge Is Not An Option,’ Written By Misty Blanco.

The Misty TV Firm Corporation has announced a new episodic series, ‘ Revenge Is Not An Option,’ written by Misty Blanco, popularly known as ‘The Blaquanese Rockstar.’ The project introduces the production team of WaveChange, the announcement of which was made during the meet & greet with press and private Q & A conference held in New York City on October 20, 2022. 

Misty is the CEO of the production and marketing company Misty TV Firm and Corporation; also a musician and social media influencer, she has been actively providing opportunities to new production houses and introducing new talent to the entertainment industry since Covid-19. Her efforts to revive the crisis-stricken entertainment industry, ‘Revenge Is Not An Option,’ has become a gateway for many to experience working on a mega-scale project. Production houses have praised the efforts and opportunity the project brings, one of which is WaveChange. It has also made ‘Revenge Is Not An Option,’ one of the most talked about series prior to its production. 

Misty TV Firm Corporation has provided a platform for WaveChange, Misty TV Vision, Ikonic Media and Salt & Light productions among other production teams to bring their powerhouse of skills and talent on board. WaveChange, known for its VFX, is among the most underrated names for creating high-end photoreal visual effects. With their professionalism, experience, and expertise, Misty was impressed by their ability to carefully cater to the writer’s needs, creating a reality and visuals resonating with the words, who saw their capacity and ability, which deserved a big-scale opportunity. With state-of-the-art types of equipment, new-age technicians, and the likes of owner Corey Hallam, ‘Revenge Is Not An Option,’ is set to deliver beyond and above the expectations of the extraordinary. 

WaveChange has previously worked with Styles P and Havoc, among many other big names in the entertainment industry. Partnered by Steve Gronke, the team behind WaveChange has a fascinating story of making it to the top; Corey shares his thoughts about making a mark in the industry, 

‘It started from my passion for picking up a camera and producing something unreal, something that would make people question the limitations of their stretch of the imagination. It was this basic. The WaveChange is excited to be working under Ms. Blanco, it is an opportunity for us to go big; I was sold when I saw she was creating this not for money or fame but because she felt the need to tell this story to the world. Watch out for ‘Revenge Is Not An Option.’ It will revolutionize the whole essence of the entertainment industry. We are truly grateful to Ms. Blanco for considering us worthy of her platform. She is doing an amazing job at providing small setups like ours a platform to showcase what we are capable of.’

The meet & greet also was graced by the presence of the lead cast of the series; Misty introduced the cast to the media and shared about her months-long struggle to finally decide upon the best ones in the industry. The series will feature ‘Asia Niema,’ and ‘Gerard Smith in pivotal roles. The violinist Reina Hondo, Vocalist ‘Princess Frontier,’ have also been roped in for the project. The entire cast and crew of the project will be revealed in the coming phases as the series go under production. 

‘It has been a long, tedious journey to finally hire these companies who resonate with what I had in my mind. I am happy to be providing new production houses and actors a platform to kickstart their career. Their work speaks volumes of their commitment. ‘Revenge Is Not An Option’ has received so much love and appreciation from my lovely audience, and I shall return the same love with beautiful production and brilliant acting.’ —- Misty Blanco

For more details and information, visit The Misty TV Firm (@themistytv) • Instagram photos and videos. Head over to the Instagram handle of Misty Blanco to connect with her personally. 

About Revenge Is Not An Option by Misty Blanco

‘Revenge Is Not An Option’ is an episodic series by The Misty TV Firm Corporation. The project also introduces the production house WaveChange, the announcement of a meet & greet with and Q&A press conference held in New York City on October 20, 2022.

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