New Music! Paul Rello “Glory”

December 1, 2022 0

Paul Rello · Paul Rello – Glory

One thing about Paul Rello, he is keeping it coming. In today’s industry where content is king, you have to keep feeding your fans with new music. Paul Rello is definitely showing that with the release of another record titled “Glory”. Paul recently dropped a video titled “Ain’t That The Truth” and just had to follow with something fresh with Glory and he speaks on it.

Defined by its title, Glory speaks to what a person consciously attains through overcoming the troubles, afflictions, and hardships when living in a self destructive state of mind. The narrative weaves melodically through a beat that is both uplifting & disciplined, uncovering the deeper, more intrinsic themes of conflict and confrontation, to growth and enlightenment. Glory is a song about how courage and determination to face the things one struggles with, grows into peace, humility, and contentment.

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