Nyukyung Talks The Rebranding Of His Career and Future Outlook

September 12, 2022 0

IMG_0405-375x500 Nyukyung Talks The Rebranding Of His Career and Future Outlook

What does the rebrand look like for you? 

From a personal standpoint I’ve changed my career path to focus on helping other artists and empowering them to create freely. We just recently opened a studio in Vancouver and plan to offer artists in the community resources and services that are difficult to obtain as an independent artist.

As far as aesthetic changes to my brand, I’ve decided to go for a futuristic theme as I believe that is where we are headed as a community with the emergence of the metaverse. My aim is to take my listeners to a different world whenever they see me pop up on their screen.

What has the transition been like? 

It’s been a long transition and to be honest we still aren’t finished. We are constantly tweaking things trying to improve the way I package my content. There was a lot of time spent on the rebrand, but I believe it will all be worth it in the end.

What is the purpose of the rebrand? 

The purpose of the rebrand was to signify my growth as a human being. I love being an artist, but I have so many other things I want to teach the world. My rebrand is a way for me to be a role model to other artists and lend a helping hand to those who need it.

How will fans be able to tell a difference? 

In the last year I’ve lost over a 100 Pounds and completely revamped my physical appearance. In addition, the color schemes and delivery of my video content is unique to my brand.

How are you planning to help other artists? 

First we plan to use our studio to start helping the artists locally. From there I will expand into other locations. As my popularity grows I want to offer my supporters more than just good music and cool visuals. I plan to create courses, support groups, 1 on 1 consulting etc.

Do you plan on taking on more of a business role? 

As an independent artist I’ve learned that if you want to be successful in the music industry you have to become a businessman. Between me and my producer/manager Lomax we handle all of my contracts, business negotiations, and marketing.

What are the next steps for you in your career? 

The next steps for me in my career are to expand my reach and begin to offer value to the world as more than just an artist. I plan to make an impact with my content and create an image that will be remembered long after I’m gone.

Can we still expect you to release more music? 

Expect me to be releasing more music than ever. Our funnel starts with my success as an artist.

What are some exciting things happening or coming up? 

The grand opening of our studio is on September 19th. I also have the sequel to my last video “Trust me” dropping in November which was all filmed by Tae Klips and produced by Lomax. In addition you can expect a new EP with my close friend Qwiss and a series of self help videos I plan on releasing under the moniker of Coach King.

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