Omar Hajmurad shows out on his new single “Traffic”

June 23, 2022 0
Omar-AHH-375x500 Omar Hajmurad shows out on his new single “Traffic”

Omar Hajmurad

“Traffic,” a new track by Omar Hajmurad, was recently published. Since its release, the song has gained a considerable fan base. It became viral within a few days after it was published. Omar Hajmurad’s musical skill, along with the catchiness of the song, has resulted in a masterpiece.

Despite his lack of expertise in the music industry, Omar Hajmurad is a storehouse of knowledge. So far this year, he’s released five tracks. When you listen to the children, it’s clear that Omar Hajmurad has worked hard to instill a wide range of emotions in them. A notable example of this is the song “Traffic.” It’s a pleasant tune that will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Omar Hajmurad put his whole heart and soul into this song. He enlisted the help of Rumor Records, who had chosen to polish the song on their own. As a result, when the song was finally released, it became an instant hit. Rumor Records owes us a big debt of appreciation for releasing such a fantastic song.

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