Pickalo Caesar is a Controversial Underground Recording Artist

November 30, 2022 0

1644715276853-282x500 Pickalo Caesar is a Controversial Underground Recording Artist

Pickalo Caesar is a controversial underground recording artist from Birmingham Alabama, artist Pickalo caesar started his music career in 1995 with his cousins Bert and Roller, the group was called 4-KNOXX. the group was very underrated and had awesome talent that caught our eye with a tape that was presented to us in Atlanta Georgia in ’98. we never knew what happened to the group until now. when we finally caught up with the cryptic member of the group Pickalo caesar, who has now his own recording label called Airport recordz. Pickalo was always inspired by the recording artist from Houston Texas called “Ganxsta Nip” who was signed to the music label rap-a-lot records with j Prince. Pickalo has done a project with Ganxsta Nip called my chainsaw, which is a wonderful track that I love, one of my favorites. Pickalo caesar has released many albums that you can find on all music streaming platform like, “The evil twin brothers” by pickalo and papa caesar and one of my personal favorite e.p’s “The mad hatta” and the Mad hatta 2 that was recently released in July. you can find pickalo on all social media and music streaming platforms.

Follow him on Instagram at @pickalocaesar and for more information go to his website at www.pickalocaesar.com this artist is trending and on fire if you love real music you would love him.

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