Polo Shak is the MVP of 2022!

December 1, 2022 0

Rich Life Official Music Video


I am 448 Suge and today I want to get you hip to a dope artist who has quietly been running the NY rap scene in 2022.

With over 1 million followers across all of social media, hundreds of thousands of listeners across
All streaming platforms, and brand deals with some of the hottest up-n-coming clothing and jewelry brands, New York Based rapper “Polo Shak” has quietly been the MVP of the rap and fashion game in 2022.

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The 29-Year-old NYC rapper has been making a ton of noise with his latest single “Rich Life” a high energy party drill track that has got social media getting sturdy. He also had. Got TikTok and Instagram in a chokehold with the “Que Tu Sabe Challenge” that has Polo Shak has been trending for over a year.

This explosion of support has landed Polo Shak multiple endorsements and Brand partnerships with companies like: C4 Energy, King Ice Jewelers, Rockstar Original Clothing company, and even fashion Designer Karl Kani just to name a few. Polo’s style and drip has become a go-to for less fashionable people to pick up and learn from.

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Polo isn’t just content with brand deals as he has been preparing to drop his full-length project “Who is Polo Shak” Dec 16th which will we here at HipHopsince1987 is sure to shake up the NY music scene. We also heard rumors that POLO SHAK will be at SXSW so if this happens to be true just know HHS1987 broke it first!

We can’t wait to hear the new project and when it’s released we will make sure to do a full review for
You readers!

I am 448 Suge and this was the HHS1987 Indie Report!

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