Rapper $BillyFence$ talks new single “Love Like This” and Black Music Month

June 26, 2022 0

unnamed-4-5-500x500 Rapper $BillyFence$ talks new single “Love Like This” and Black Music Month

The DA PR Firm announces the release of South Florida- based rapper, producer, and songwriter $BillyFence$ new hip-hop, sensual single “Love Like This” feat. Ashley Johnson. The record is a follow-up to his 2019 hit single “She Say”. The independent South Florida Hip Hop artist is back and ready to get you in the mood for romance and lovemaking with this latest groove. 

Known for his relatable music, $BillyFence$ is credited as making authentic, real-life, music about life, relationships, and the struggle. Best described as a romantic song with a slow to mid-tempo, this new track has “a thuggish, hip hop, sexual vibe to it yet you can still bop fast to it. It’s a slow vibe but you can bounce to it – It’s a bouncy song,” the rapper says. 

He opens up the hook of the song with “You hit the spot, with the love you got, it gets me hot/ nice and wet, I like your sex, it makes me sweat/ your hug, your kiss/ never thought a thug can make love like this/ I don’t know what it was I missed/ all I know is that I love this s___.” 

“I made this hook many years ago. I just never had the right production and the right person to sing the hook. It was inspired by a song Missy Elliot did years ago with Timbaland, I went to Atlanta to work on something else and we ended up bringing this song to life,” the rapper says. 

Written by Billy$ Fence$ and produced by Kay Jay Maestro for Maestro Sounds Entertainment. “It’s a song about romance and a woman being pleased, happy, and satisfied with what her man is doing to her. The song is tailor-made for the grown folks and a mature crowd. The mid-tempo track is hip-hop based and has a slow vibe that you can bop your head and bounce to. It’s something you can slow dance to and something you can vibe to. It has a good feel, a good vibe to it – I can hear it in the strip clubs, I can hear it on the radio and I think it has the potential to be a great song,” says $BillyFence$. 

Thomas Foster, known by his stage name $BillyFence$ is an American rapper, producer, and songwriter. In 2019, after decades of reigning as a powerhouse, the highly sought-after producer and underground artist released his first commercial single “She Say.” Fans call his music relatable and credit the hip-hop artist for making authentic, real-life music about life, relationships, and the struggle. Influenced by rappers like Scarface, Biggie Smalls, and Tupac, the rapper has solidified himself as an original, creative talent with a passion for the arts. Throughout the years as a leading independent artist, Billy$ Fence$ has opened up for Trick Daddy, MJG, Fat Joe, and Busta Rhymes. He resides in Hollywood, Florida with his daughter and continues to make people “feel good” with his attention-grabbing music, melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics. 

June is Black Music Appreciation Month, which artist has had the biggest influence on your life, and what are some of the core values you want to instill in your listeners?

The artist who has had the biggest influence on me is Michael Jackson. He wasn’t just an artist, he was a humanitarian and he had balance – he used his platform not to just make you dance and feel good but he also really cared about the world. One artist – so powerful and inspired and motivated so many people. So was Tupac, they both had such an impact on the culture and you felt like you knew them.

How do you rank your latest single and why?

I think it has a god sex appeal, good production, good melody, and good lyrics. I think it’s great for radio-play ready and commercial music.

You’ve opened up for MJG, Trick Daddy, Busta Rhymes, and many other acts throughout your career, how have you been able to have such longevity in the entertainment industry as an independent artist? 

Well basically just trying to stay consistent with the music, being around the right team and support that helps me continue to make music, and come up with different ideas and concepts.

Your new single LOVE LIKE THIS is a romantic song about being pleased, speak to us about the importance of intimacy and keeping it “spicy” in relationships: 

The bedroom Is … a lot of people say that’s the key to the relationship. When you connect spiritually to someone, you have to connect in every area. I can connect with someone spiritually, mentally, and physically and when you have all those three it makes when it comes to the bedroom even better.

unnamed-5-8-399x500 Rapper $BillyFence$ talks new single “Love Like This” and Black Music Month

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