Singer-songwriter, Coming Up Artist Bortlin Mixes Clever Wordplay and Creative Beats for a One-of-a-Kind Music Experience

December 1, 2022 0

Bortlin-3-442x500 Singer-songwriter, Coming Up Artist Bortlin Mixes Clever Wordplay and Creative Beats for a One-of-a-Kind Music Experience


 Self-made musicians are always a treat to see sprout up within the music industry. Unlike factory-pro- duced artists who get beats and work around them, musicians who craft their own beats and music take careful care with their work. It allows them to tune every song to their own personal touch, and Bortlin is an artist who perfectly embodies this.

Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, Bortlin’s music is all created from scratch by himself. He’s the closest any performer truly gets to being self-made, making his own music, beats and videos, even handling all his social media platforms. He goes above and beyond the call for a musician. With the aid of his girlfriend, who supports him throughout it all, he perseveres for his art.

Inspired by legendary hip-hop artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Bortlin pursues the art of making music tirelessly. He describes himself as someone with no work-life balance, integrating all his time into his craft to create truly memorable pieces. He wants to achieve success and survive financially based on his skill alone. His determination to accomplish this pushes him forward.

Bortlin Puts Himself into All of His Music

 Because of this perseverance, Bortlin also makes some genuinely fascinating art. He doesn’t limit him- self to expectations and genres like many others do. As a result, he often finds himself experimenting with eclectic blends of genres. Because of how he keeps complete control over his creative endeavors, he continues making whatever music he desires without the crushing need to comply to genre norms.

Despite this, he’s also open to collaboration, granted they don’t stifle his creativity. Bortlin emphasizes expanding his musical views and ideas, not wanting to be limited by anyone. As long as the vibe is there, he’s willing to work together to make something special. Of course, you’ll also need to take mu- sic as seriously as Bortlin does, or you won’t be able to keep up.

All this serves to his benefit, keeping him unique in an ocean of cookie-cutter musicians making the same beats and pushing the same old tired ideas. Bortlin doesn’t want that for himself, instead choos- ing to forge his own path forward with his self-made beats. Being your own producer is hard work, but he believes that putting yourself into your work and being authentic is key to success.

That’s not all, of course. Bortlin is aware that as an artist, the image you project is equally as important as the music you push forward. To that end, he also makes all his music videos by himself. He hopes they’ll profoundly impact society around him, making things better by changing stigmas and percep- tions around himself.

Bortlin Claims the Modern Era is the Age for Self-Made Musicians

 Being a self-made musician in this day and age is difficult, but in some ways, it’s also the best time. Bortlin speaks about this, singing the praises of the modern music scene, allowing artists to express themselves more freely. Any ideas can have their audience thanks to the power of the internet. That same accessibility means artists have many different venues to share their work.

Bortlin is grateful for this and all those who support his creative endeavors. It’s not easy pushing for- ward while working your hardest, but he keeps his drive and his hunger up. While it may not be easy, there’s nothing he’d rather do.

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