Sly Mike Releases New song “Sport Mode”

September 29, 2022 0

Screenshot-2022-09-29-at-2.50.06-PM-500x281 Sly Mike Releases New song "Sport Mode"

Sport Mode is a chill, hype Hip hop song from Winston-Salem native artist Sly Mike. The track has a smooth, gliding chorus and bold, slickly-delivered bars. The Nerdcoke beat is mellow and airy, with heavy drums and a tranquil melody. The music video brings the song to life as Sly Mike dances around and sings the track with trippy effects enhancing the disoriented feeling of it. This one was very simple and smooth. We got a few performance shots and some B-Roll, and then just talked for a while. It was a very chill shoot. And somebody contributed some extra shots for the video (hence the green studio-like shots), so shouts out to them. As far as the editing goes, I used a lot of Boris effects and transitions, CINEPUNCH overlays, and datamoshing. I also used my Smallrig cage for shooting the video and it helped a lot with stabilization. The creation of the video was smooth, and we managed to find solutions for every issue that came up, and I’m happy with the final result.

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