Suigeneris Drops New “Song” Produced by CXDY

May 13, 2022 0

unnamed-2 Suigeneris Drops New "Song" Produced by CXDY

Setting trends on SoundCloud with his demonic and angelic energy, 18-year-old rapper Suigeneris makes being a rap prodigy look easy. Revealing that he can make a banger using only the most basic ingredients, Suie shares Song,” his latest release. Rampaging atop a manic instrumental, produced by Cxdy of Internet Money, Suie gives a masterclass in song structure, reeling off reckless bars and only pausing for the most rudimentary hook: “Now here’s the f*cking hook,” he growls at the appropriate time. Though he came up off the strength of his melodies, Suie has been on a mission to prove that he can spit better than anyone his age or older.

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