SZASHA’s Insights on the Positive Impacts of Music on Life

May 19, 2022 0

WhatsApp-Image-2022-05-13-at-12.19.20-AM SZASHA's Insights on the Positive Impacts of Music on Life

During SZASHA’s research of music as an art form and a part of everyday life, SZASHA realized that music lends wings to the human imagination. Scenes can be created and rebuilt using the melody, lyrics, and instruments of a song. “Music fuels imagination about life and everything around us,” she claims. 

Music is the soul of the universe, described by Plato as a “moral norm,” and each person defines music differently based on their own experiences with it. According to SZASHA, music can give life and beauty to a simple word. Your creativity is the only hurdle when it comes to music.

SZASHA has traveled the world with music. She believes that music should be enjoyed in all of its forms.

SZASHA shares her passion for music with young people, encouraging them to explore their own musical interests. She inspires them to live and spread their wings through music. SZASHA adds that “music is a solid way to feel healing,” nothing that music therapy has been proved to reduce stress and enhance mood.

Music might assist in painting a more accurate picture of a situation. 

Music has a huge impact on our lives, and SZASHA is particularly excited about how music impacts our brains. “Music improves our memory and learning while also helping us communicate our emotions better,” she says. 

According to SZASHA, when sentiments are suppressed, they might explode in a destructive manner; music can help you express yourself creatively and less destructively.

Her belief that music gives life wings means that you can travel, love, grow, and experience areas of life you’d never have had access to otherwise through music. Life can be difficult, and music can provide a warm retreat to a place where everything is great, even if only for the time of a song.

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