The Harley Boys Interview: New Single, Beginnings, Future Plans & More

November 17, 2022 0

IMG_2313 The Harley Boys Interview: New Single, Beginnings, Future Plans & More

Meet The Harley Boys. A Hip-Hop duo that consists of two brothers, Crunk and Drxma. Although they are a group, the two artists bring their own respective talents and style as solo acts as well.

The Harleys have been hard at work all year, releasing multiple content including a string of singles such as “Oasis,” “OTW,” “Make It Right”, and their most recent, “PubliXXX featuring Cinquemani.

Fortunately, we got the chance to speak with The Harleys, who tell us more about “PubliXXX,” some of their influences, the beginnings of the group, future plans, and much more.

Check out our full conversation with Crunk and Drxma below, and be sure to stream “PubliXXX” after the jump as well.

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When did you all form the Harley boys? (Crunk): ‘Harley Boys’ is something that’s always been formed from the start. Everyone would say Harley Boy or Harley’s since we were kids and it just stuck.”
(Drxma): “Nine out of ten times you’ll always see my brother and I together, so just like he said.. that’s always been us. Whether it’s from music, work or family .. when we’re always seen together that’s what people called us.”

Why form a group and not go solo? (Crunk): “We’re technically both. We each have our own sound.. our own expressions.. our outlooks differentiate. But just as much, we can make that all co-exist.”

(Drxma): “Yeah that’s pretty much it. We’re two individuals just coming off of how they feel on relatable topics or situations.”

Being you’re a duo, what’s your creative process? I’m sure it’s different from say, a solo artist? (Crunk): “Our creative process is determined by how we feel [really]. Whether it’s me coming up with a song or my brother coming up with one.. we just go with the vibe and flow. Sometimes it’s [even] freestyled and sometimes we write.”

(Drxma): “We write sometimes.. especially when it’s for a project. [But] Majority of our songs are featured in a way, so sometimes I come with the hook, or verse .. and vice versa. Like Crunk said, it’s all about how we’re feeling.”

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Who are some of your influences? (Crunk): “Man just to name a few … I’d go with Outkast, Jay Z, Tupac, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole and Pharrell.”
(Drxma): “Our mother and grandmother loved music as well.. so we also listened to the Aretha’s and Temptations. Plenty of R&B and feel good music!”

You guys have released a lot of material this past year. Did you plan that? (Crunk): “Yes, we wanted to stop holding music this year. Holding our music is like holding ourselves back.”

(Drxma): “We have a bit of a catalog so it just felt like it was time to release more. The world we live in.. you can upload something and it could catch a wave of its own. Releasing [just] 1-4 songs a year really isn’t fair to us or our supporters.”

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Speak on your last record “PubliXXX.” (Crunk): “PubliXXX was more of an on the spot record that we collaborated with Cinquemani on. He’s a talented artist out of Texas. We also used to work at ‘Publix’ .. so it was also just a time to reflect back on experiences from when we worked there.”

(Drxma): “We had just met with Cinquemani in Atl through mutual parties and realized we all just had a passion for music. He just started clicking through some of his beats and we lowkey just freestyled this and had it tucked away for a rainy day.”

What can fans expect from the Harley Boys to close out the year ? To start the new year? (Crunk): “Definitely be on the lookout for new music! New blessings. Big business. This new year it’s time to suit up!”

(Drxma): “Definitely more content, more energy and standing on the passion. There’s a lot to be grateful for each and everyday so living is really what’s on the way. Some visuals to close out the year.. and to open the year.. we’re coming with the “SuitUp Vol 1” project featuring the whole camp. Stay tuned!”

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