The return of Realbryan.k!

June 29, 2022 0

Realbryan-500x500 The return of Realbryan.k!

Realbryan.k released his “SUNSHINE” sound on Monday 27th June. And the least we can say is that the French DJ has taken listeners by surprise.

Definitely, Realbryan.k will have marked the year 2022 in just a few lines, “SUNSHINE AND MIX”. A sentence extracted from a track that has become iconic since the title SUNSHINE flagship of the new project bringing together dozens of artists from around the world that will be released this summer, Strong of his success for the summer sounds and very noticed, Bryan decided to ride the wave by revealing the title of his new album and thus indicated that a video should not delay, teased by a video with sequences in which different personalities danced and sang on the famous rhythm of his mixes, it has already prompted an interest among his fans. And if many expected him to be on a festive and summery sound, Bryan decided to take everyone against the grain by offering a particularly powerful mix but much more festive than expected. He talks about his love for music and his pleasure to succeed after years spent in the shadows, he who worked like a dog to make a name for himself on the international djing scene. A track that is already accumulating thousands of shares on social networks.

You can listen to Realbryan.k here: nd=1

You can find all the social networks of Bryan k on his official website:

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