Ray iLLa hasn’t stopped yet!

June 15, 2022 0

image_50413057-500x500 Ray iLLa  hasn’t stopped yet!

Chicago, being one of the third largest markets in the world, is filled with some of  the dopest, adroit individuals. Ray iLLa, a Chicago East Sider, began his musical journey as a 6 year-old growing up in a household of musically inclined experts gave Ray a good ear when it came to sound.  As a child, Ray had a teacher that played a major role in his life and sparked his interest further, and he began playing the drums at school which soon led to the church.  Discovering all the beauty in music from instruments and vocals he heard, Ray iLLa knew he wanted to take his career further and began to expanding into rapping and songwriting.  Making good satisfying music felt amazing and drove Ray to always ask himself “What next?”.  Growing up on Chicago’s east side the crime rate was at high but Ray never let where he came from stop his progress.  Just recently, he performed at the annual A3C Music festival, one of the largest festivals in the US, in Atlanta Ga.  Ray iLLa depicts his hometown Chicago roots by leaving the crowd with powerful and thought provoking lyrics.

“There’s more to Chicago hip-hop than just drill music; I’d like to use my music as a means to redirect the vastly misguided youth in Chicago and throughout America as a whole“ – RayiLLa

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