TLP Star Releases New Visual To His Latest Single “We Outside”

January 26, 2022 0

image-2-500x315 TLP Star Releases New Visual To His Latest Single “We Outside”

Independent Hip Hop artist TLP Star is eager for people to hear his latest single “We Outside.” The single showcases an uplifting message that even when life is looking bleak, there are things to be grateful for. Sending this message is important to TLP Star because it is something he takes personally and wants to show others they can still make it out of dark and depressing places with their heads up, looking forward. His single, as well as his other music, is available on all platforms.

TLP Star, otherwise known as Emmanuel Moore Jr., was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone but was raised and has lived in Roanoke, VA for majority of his life. His artist name is inspired by his family and their collective values, mentioning that “Trust, Loyalty, and Pain” are things that hold significant meanings in their lives and make decisions based on those three aspects. Star also pays homage to his hometown and country, the “Star” being significant to both. Star began his music journey at the age of 14, when he realized he had a knack for creating and was able to express himself through music. The ability to pour out his heart into his songs helped Star develop his passion even further, leading him to recording his first record in his school’s library at the age of 14. Describing his sound as a conversation between him and the listener, Star often relays messages that are significant to him within his songs. Wanting to impact the youth to make better decisions for themselves, Star considers his music to be something akin to a speech, providing advice and insight on his own experiences. He doesn’t hide the fact that everyone will go through trials and tribulations but the decisions made in reaction to those situations will either make or break you, so one must be vigilant as well as responsible.

Aside from wanting to relay important messages within his music, Star also has other goals in mind for his music career. In the future, Star plans on developing and running his own record label and eventually use his platform and resources to help build the economy in his home country, Liberia and Sierra Leone. In the meantime, Star is busy creating and executing his plans to release music starting with singles and working his way up to the release of his introductory album. As he continues to work on and finalize his album, Star leaves us with his latest single, “We Outside”, which is available for streaming on all services now. All of TLP Star’s previous singles are also available to listen on all streaming platforms and the accompanying videos are available to experience on Youtube.

Keep up with TLP Star on social media @tlp_star3 and make sure yo watch the music video for “We Outside” here:

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