Viral Nigeria Artist Ladé Introduces New Single “Adulthood Anthem”

August 10, 2022 0

86BABDBD-210B-4301-8EFB-7D071C954240-500x490 Viral Nigeria Artist Ladé Introduces New Single “Adulthood Anthem”

Afrobeats has been internationally taking over the airwaves for quite some time, and rising Nigerian artist Ladé is heating up with her viral single “Adulthood Anthem.” In July the forthcoming international star was announced as Spotify’s Fresh Finds Africa Artist — and rightfully so, given the quick success of her runaway hit. Topping Audiomack charts, amassing over 800,000 streams on her official visuals, and crossing industries all within the summer is amazing, and we all get to see her hard work pay off.

Last year, Ladé was just getting started for the big leagues with the release of her self-titled EP, Omolade. The transition from her debut to the viral success of “Adulthood Anthem” is huge, and newcomers can definitely enjoy this new and relatable track. “Adulthood Anthem” is what we’ve all been thinking but haven’t been saying since we’ve reached of age, and Ladé puts it all into one bop. Stream the new video below:

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