Whoa Whoa Hot – The Life Transformation Story of Becoming a Hip-Hop Artist

December 7, 2022 0

PRIMARY-_-WHOA-WHOA-HOT Whoa Whoa Hot – The Life Transformation Story of Becoming a Hip-Hop Artist  PRIMARY___WHOA_WHOA_HOT-335x500 Whoa Whoa Hot – The Life Transformation Story of Becoming a Hip-Hop Artist

Life is full of surprises. You can never know your career path when you grow up. It can sometimes throw you off balance before you find your feet to become one of the world’s greatest artists. That is the story of Shannon Floyd, known by his stage name Whoa Whoa Hot. He had an inspiring story, which proves you can realize your dreams no matter the challenges.

Whoa Whoa Hot was born and raised on the west side of Atlanta, GA. He was the last born among his seven siblings. But what is more interesting about his story is how he transformed himself into a celebrity and loved Hip-Hop artists.

As a young boy, Whoa Whoa Hot found himself on the streets looking for ways to survive. He was getting involved in petty crimes as he struggled to get enough for necessities. As he grew older, his level of crime increased. Hot found himself in and out of prison at just 17 years old. He spent the majority of his adolescence in this lifestyle before realizing his potential.

In 2019, Hot took a different career path when a childhood friend suggested he could make it as an artist. He took it positively and gave the music a try. His first singles were an instant hit, drawing even the attention of Pis Po Records. This is a new independent label from Junction City, Kansas. Its CEO, Mashaun Baker, was impressed with his Whoa Whoa Hot vocals and signed him without hesitation.

Hot continued with his efforts and excitement, leading to the release of his first debut single, “Hot,” in January 2021. This was also an instant hit, which caught the attention of Cory Sparks, the VP of Epic Records. Although the negotiation did not result in a long-term partnership, Hot did not give up on music. He was already working on his latest release, “Lil Boy,”  which came out in October 2022.

Hot had the quickest success as a hip-hop artist in the industry, competing with superstars and many other aspiring artists. According to him, meeting with an executive of a record label was a milestone he never expected. He is still satisfied by that experience, even if the negotiations never materialized into a long-term partnership. He felt motivated and encouraged to continue his music career, and he has now become one of the most recognized names in the country. Hot’s face has been erected on the billboard, which fulfilled one of the dreams he had when growing up. 

The story of Whoa Whoa Hot is an inspiration. The transformation from a criminal to a hip-hop artist recognized by major record labels is something to be proud of. Hot is still working to be an internationally recognized artist and dreams of giving back to society. His goal is to offer opportunities and encourage his community to keep going. And as a family man, Hot wants to break the generational curses and offer the best to his kids. The future is bright for Hot, and he will become as hot as his name.

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